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Would you like to develop the German market? We help you to minimize the risks and exploit the maximun potential.

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Step 1: Workshop

Icon Prozess Workshop

  • Introduction of your company, your products or services
  • Exchange of experience about the internationalization of your products or services
  • Conjoint determination of demand of the relevant sectors that shall be part of your market analysis
  • Gathering of your specific questions concerning the German market

Step 2: Desk Research

Icon Prozess Deskresearch

  • Determination of the general demand for your product in Germany
  • Research of the size and potential of your industry or market in Germany
  • Demand analysis for your products in the private and if aplicable the public sector 
  • Trends and future prospects

Step 3: Expert Interviews

Icon Prozess Interviews

  • Competitive analysis and identification of potential market actors
  • Identification of relevant distribution channels in Germany
  • Answers to your specific questions

Step 4: Action Plan

Icon Prozess Analyse

  • Evaluation of all information and development of an individual market entry strategy with concrete steps of action
  • Concrete Milestone-Plan combined with a time-line to control the process and measures the performance

Market analysis and implementation plan

The strategic development of new markets with trAIDe – starting point: market analysis

The trAIDe market-analysis: As a strong tool to prepare the next steps of your commercial or business activities in or with Germany we can offer you the possibility to get an extensive analysis of the relevant segment of the German market.

This process is divided into four steps: first our experts are having a workshop via telephone with you. In this workshop we find out all important information about your company and its products. Further we see what activities you have already carried out for internationalization of your products. Afterwards we provide you with detailed information about your sector in Germany. This includes size and potentials as well as trends and future prospects.

The third step is an interview with our market expert. This provides you a profound competitive analysis and an identification of the potential market actors. All your specific questions about this business sector in Germany will also be answered. At the end of this process we evaluate all information and provide you with an individual market entry strategy with concrete steps of action. With the help of the detailed milestone-plan you have an exact overview where in the process you are and what the next steps are. This gives you full control and the possibility to measure the success of your internationalization process.

Our experience in the area of international market developments is illustrated by the successful completion of projects for over 400 companies which we have conducted over the years.



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