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Most SME´s lack on human resources for implementing strategies for the market development. Therefore it is necessary to outsource the area of market analysis and business mediation regarding the firm’s objectives, its optimization of cost and time and let an experienced service provider to take over the projects – such as the trAIDe GmbH

Gregor BeckmannSales Director
Ferdinand Eimermacher GmbH & Co. KG

If we had done the market analysis and the approach of possible new business partners by ourselves, the required time and also the costs would have been most likely much higher. The risk also appears that the projects will be delayed or even cancelled due to the daily business.

Ralph RothManaging Director
Hüdig + Rocholz GmbH & Co. KG

Through the professional preselection of potential clients and business-partners we gained a very good overview over the Malaysian market within a very short time. To work out these information and contacts by ourselves would have cost us plenty of time. This time we do not have. All in all, it was a well-rounded job that I can recommend to other persons.
BRT Recycling Technologie

Andre BerlageSales Director
BRT Recycling Technologie GmbH

With its individualised consulting solution trAIDe helped us to an overall successful business mediation process. As a result of the process we have successfully penetrated new markets and already got positive feedback for possible partnerships.
Bedrunka+Hirth Geraetebau

Ludwig KellnerManaging Director
Bedrunka+Hirth Gerätebau GmbH

Thanks to the successful business contact mediation - the cooperation with trAIDe was was very helpful at the implementation of our export projects with Turkey. We were already able to carry out a big assignment with our Turkish business partner.
cetotec GmbH

Dr. Sylvia Sellmer-WilsbergManaging Director
Cetotec GmbH

An eased establishing of contacts to potential business partners in new markets, a very good preselection of meetings and the reduction of costs due to a very good realized business trip by trAIDe are only some of the benefits our company has experienced through the cooperation.
Dr. Gustav Klein

Ansgar MuhleManaging Director
Dr. Gustav Klein GmbH & Co. KG

The efficient, structured and constructive way of working by trAIDe helped us not only to generate a better market overview but also a quick increase of our revenues. These achievements arise – amongst others – from trAIDe’s  excellent network of local sector experts.
Liebherr International Deutschland

Stig Oliver BuchRegional Manager
Liebherr-Export AG

We have received an outstanding support service in the area of project management and business mediation by the trAIDe GmbH which is why I have recommended the trAIDe GmbH more than once.
OHRA Regalanlagen

Klaus RaafSales Manager
OHRA Regelanlagengesellschaft GmbH

A successful business mediation process starts with right planning and the preselection of suitable potential partners. Furthermore for development and entry of new markets good market knowledge and an excellent network are necessary. trAIDe has access to both of these and arranged first class contacts for us.
Rohde AG

Karl-Heinz RohdeCEO

trAIDe was able to mediate business contacts for us during efficient and results-oriented meetings, which build the basis for our long lasting projects . All of this is the effect of an outstanding performance by the trAIDe team.
BBraun Melsungen AG

Richard HarteltVice President Global Sales Region North/East Europ e
Aesculap AG – Sparte der B. Braun Melsungen AG

We were not only able to take care of existing contacts but also intensify these contacts as well as create premium quality back-up solutions for our business fields as a result of the cooperation with the trAIDe GmbH.
WEINMANN Emergency Medical Technology

Enrico NikolaiSales Manager
Weinmann EMT GmbH

The close and customized support for the German companies was very professional and result driven – through this trAIDe gave us the platform for our market development trip to Kenia.

Marc-Andre LyachenkoRegional Sales Manager Europe
Bilfinger Water Technologies GmbH

As a former business consultant I can evaluate the quality of this service and I am very satisfied with trAIDe´s performance. Preparation and matching for my projects were done very good by trAIDe employees . Furthermore the cooperation was good in a personal and professional way.
LEISEGANG Feinmechanik Optik

Dr. Thomas KupferschmidtSales & Marketing Manager
Leisegang Feinmechanik-Optik GmbH

The cooperation between trAIDe and our enterprise was very good and was characterized through an outstanding dedication to the project. Even so dedication is not enough for most projects, trAIDe was also able to provide the needed results, which makes the cooperation very successful.
Gollmann Kommissioniersysteme

Jan AngermannDirector
Gollmann Kommissioniersysteme GmbH

SME´s will get a good impression over the potential of the target market and the country as a result of the cooperation with trAIDe.
neuraxpharm Arzneimittel

Mehmet GüzelInternational Sales Manager
Neuraxpharm Arzneimittel GmbH